EmeTerm Anti Fatigue & Car Sickness Wristband Wins the IF and IDA Design Awards

VANCOUVER, BC, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Improving the driving experience of drivers and passengers has been one of the directions of innovation in the automotive industry for many years. To address motion sickness and driving fatigue, automakers are working to develop a variety of technologies, aiming to provide users with experiences beyond expectations. Recently, the EmeTerm Anti Fatigue & Car Sickness Wristband, developed by WAT Medical for the automotive industry, has won the 2023 IF Design Award in Germany and the IDA Award in the United States for its aesthetic, innovative, and intelligent design.

WAT Medical develops innovative self-care medical devices that feature targeted neuromodulation technology. With over a decade of innovation, more than 70 patents worldwide, and advanced R&D and design centers in North America, WAT Medical expands its outreach toward creating automotive grade neuromodulation products.

This will be a multidisciplinary project involving medicine, engineering, materials science, and computer technology. The objective is to prevent fatigue driving and motion sickness, using 470 nm blue light and PC6 electrical stimulation, respectively. While blue light has been understood to suppress melatonin secretion and negatively impact the circadian rhythm, this could precisely be used to avoid driving fatigue by reducing drowsiness and promoting wakefulness. Multiple studies have shown that this improves alertness and response time. With the right application, it could potentially reduce the chances of automobile accidents.

EmeTerm is already an FDA-cleared device developed as a safe and effectively alternative to medicine for motion sickness. The device avoids unwanted medical side effects and unpredictable drug interactions. Available in more than 30 countries and has been accepted by multiple medical insurances in the US, EmeTerm aims to provide users around the world with a more comfortable, safe, and fun travel experience.

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Source: WAT Medical Enterprise Ltd.

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