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Both EmeTerm and HeadaTerm are Medical device class II.

We don’t have any partners in Mexico by now. But there are many potential partners communicate with us after FIME show. We are looking for distributors in Mexico and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you.

Actually, one conductive paste can be used for 21 times according to CE testing report.

In addition, conductive pastes can be purchased individually. It will be launched to the market in the near future.

HeadaTerm is based on none-invasive external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS) technology that introduces precise electric impulses from the user’s forehead to act on the supratrochlear nerves. According to nerve gating mechanism, the brain will receive the higher rank nerve signal when two or more nerve signal arrived. The grade of supratrochlear nerve is higher than the grade of trigeminal nerve whose pain is the main reason of migraine. As a result, the brain can’t receive migraine signals when supratrochlear nerve is stimulated by continuously electric impulses.

At the same time, the electrical impulses generated by HeadaTerm can also activate the opioid receptors to release natural opiates and decrease the migraine sensation.

15 days after receipt of goods, if the goods are not satisfied, without prejudice to the seller under the premise of secondary sales and support returned request. The warranty period is one year.

The guarantee starts at the date of delivery. Please keep the invoice or sales receipt since this is your proof of purchase on the date stated. Its duration and requirements are specified in the general sale’s terms specific to the local state/country.

Patients who suffer from acute inflammation, hemorrhagic tendency, arrhythmia and epilepsy;
People who have metal piece or cardiac pacemaker within their bodies,
People with any implantation materials inside the cranium.
People with craniocerebral injury or maxillo- facial injury recently.
Patients with brain tumor, meningitis or acute cerebrovascular stoke.
Patients who suffer from skin ulceration, allergy, bleeding, infection.

It can be Prevent and Relieve Primary Headaches and Sleeplessness.

The therapy of eTENS on which HeadaTerm is based has been applied to the treatment of migraine for almost 20 years.

The HeadaTerm device is indicated for the treatment of migraine in patients 18 years of age or older.

The battery could last at least 12 months if no use.

Because the youngers maybe cannot understand the instructions very well without the help of adults.

HeadaTerm is not recommended to use at all for under 18 years of age. The use on children younger than 18 years must follow the instruction of doctors.

The subjects of our test products are all adults. Therefore, the instruction is provided for the consideration and if it is for the non-adults’ use, we recommend to follow the doctor’s suggestion for different cases.

It can not only relieve headaches, but also prevent it. Just like we keep exercising. Your body will naturally get better if you exercise properly.

HeadaTerm can work for 7 hours in total. There are three conductive pastes in the package which could be used for 7-10 times each if it is twenty minutes per time.

We are regretful that we cannot provide free samples.
Please refer to the price list.

Our products meet the dual attribute of health care and consumption for both consumers and patients.
It can be sold to hospital, pharmacy, and any consumers who needed the treatment.

First of all, I prefer to clarify the difference between migraine and headache/cephalgia. Headache/cephalgia occurs in migraines, tension-type headaches, and cluster headaches. Migraine is a kind of headache whose causes are unknown.

On principle, HeadaTerm can be used to treat different kinds of headache because the pain felling can be prevented by the special TENS stimulation on supraorbital never. However, we only have the clinical proofs of HeadaTerm used for the treatment of migraine and migraine syndrome including well-being, stress/depression, insomnia and facial pain. The clinical study on other types of headache is still on process.

We suggest that HeadaTerm should be used for the treatment of migraine at the beginning of the symptom

We are willing to provide assistance to obtain (certification of a country) if you have any intention in UAE (or other countries)

The next generation HeadaTerm-R will be a smart device which is rechargeable and intelligible, but more expensive. At the present time, HeadaTerm designed to be a disposable device depends on the consideration of making market promotion easy. Low price and easy operation make the device more attractive to customers.
After disposable HeadaTerm accepted by the customers, the promotion of HeadaTerm-R which is more expensive will be much easier.

Each gel can be used for almost 3-4 hours. If the gel lose sticky within 3-4 hours, add a drop of water to the gel, and it will return to viscous state.

Working frequency:50HZ

The intensity of HeadaTerm keeps going up after the device is started. After it rises to the suitable intensity, make a short press on the control button to lock the current intensity. Otherwise, the intensity will increase to the highest level within 5 minutes.

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