Achieving Carbon Neutrality is Imperative

Environmental summary

Global warming is by far one of the most urgent and serious threats to the existence of the Earth and human civilization. A UN environmental study in October 2021 reports that if harmful greenhouse gas emissions continue their trajectory, global temperature is expected to increase by 2.7°C over the course of this century. Other reports released by UN agencies show that greenhouse gas concentrations have reached record levels and that the planet is getting too warm, with dangerous and worrying consequences for the current and future generations.

Implement low-carbon design

Initiate plastic-free packaging, improve material availability, and reduce carbon emissions

Improving Energy Efficiency

Look for opportunities, such as retrofits, to improve energy efficiency in site facilities and supply chains

Use of clean energy

Establish zero-carbon energy facilities and encourage suppliers to use renewable electricity

Starting from 2022, WAT Med will initiate a carbon neutral program

More than 80% of all offices use clean energy

Plan to reduce carbon emissions by 500,000 tons

Reduction of 100,000 kWh of energy consumption through improved energy efficiency

Suppliers commit to use more than 80% renewable energy


Replace the traditional transparent protective film and plastic inner support with paper products. Although this is a small change, it can greatly reduce the carbon emission of WAT Med in the production process. In the next few years, plastic materials will no longer appear in our packaging. We call on our suppliers and people all over the world to work with us in this endeavor.

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