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Both EmeTerm and HeadaTerm are Medical device, class II.

15 days after receipt of goods, if the goods are not satisfied, without prejudice to the seller under the premise of secondary sales and support returned request. The warranty period is one year under the premise of not exceeding the longest work time.

The guarantee starts at the date of delivery. Please keep the invoice or sales receipt since this is your proof of purchase on the date stated. Its duration and requirements are specified in the general sale’s terms specific to the local state/country.

EmeTerm can be used on patients with neuropathy. It is recommended to be used under the care of medical personnel. The contraindication of neuropathy patients is the same as usual.

First of all, EmeTerm could treat many kinds of nausea and vomiting including vertigo and dizziness. The pathogenesis of nausea and vomiting caused by vertigo and dizziness is similar to motion sickness. We will send supporting references to you ASAP.

Patients who suffer from acute inflammation, hemorrhagic tendency, arrhythmia and epilepsy;
People who have metal piece or cardiac pacemaker within their bodies.

It can be prevent and relieve motion sickness, morning sickness, Medicine (PONV & CINV), VR sickness and altitude sickness.

The therapy of P6 TENS on which EmeTerm is based has been applied to the treatment of nausea and vomiting for almost 20 years.

The EmeTerm device is indicated for the treatment of nausea and vomiting in patients 6 years of age or older.

As far as we know, the principle of most of competition around with 20 € bracelets is different from EmeTerm, which is based on artificial press but not TENS, such as Sea Band. They do not output any electrical signal. Actually, they are spot massage devices.

EmeTerm is more effective and convenient than massage devices which are cheaper because EmeTerm can provide continuous stimulation automatically to the central nerve in order to prevent nausea and vomiting.

We distinguish ourselves from these competitors with several key advantages, including a more effective conduction method, more skin friendly material, and a more convenient recharge procedure. Please see the attached document for a more detailed breakdown of our competitive advantages over other products.

1.In order to stimulate the median nerve inside of the wrist, the strap must be designed to buckle on the outer wrist, unlike regular watch straps. First-time users may have difficulties
2.The product can also be applied to patients in hospital, who would have nurses to assist them with wearing the device

We suggest that:
1. Practice wearing the device to become familiar with the strap design
2. Manufacturers are aware of this concern, and are actively working on optimizing the design.

We are regretful that we cannot provide free samples.
Please refer to the price list.

Our products meet the dual attribute of health care and consumption for both consumers and patients.
It can be sold to hospital, pharmacy, and any consumers who needed the treatment.

Basically, OEM can be acceptable by us.
The requirement of OEM is that MOQ must be at least 3000 sets of HeadaTerm and 2000 sets of EmeTerm based on the prepay 100% of the order amount from you. Also, the manufacture information of WAT Med must be reserved according to certification.

We are willing to provide assistance to obtain (certification of a country) if you have any intention in UAE (or other countries)

WAT Med obtained patents in USA, EU and China, including PCT patents. Please check the attached documents to learn more.

We will keep applying new patents of innovative design and technologies.

WAT Med set up our own legal support department in USA and Germen to tackle all kinds of patent related affairs.

The clinical proofs have been attached in this e-mail, please check it. Further clinical studies are also in process in EU and China. I will provide detailed information when these studies finish.

We are cooperating to do clinical study with our Turkish partners and his doctor named Op. Dr. Özgür Leylek M.D.

Dr. Özgür is our partner in EU who are doing clinical studies with us. He is not only a famous obstetrician in Europe but also a speaker in International Cosmetic Gynecology Congress in Dubai.

I hope we could also do Post-Market Studies with you in the near future. We are always here to support you.

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