Questions about EmeTerm

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[us_cta title=”When to use EmeTerm?” title_tag=”h4″ color=”light” btn_link=”|title:You%20can%20use%20EmeTerm%20either%20before%20or%20after%20your%20nausea%20and%20vomiting%20symptoms%20start%2C%20and%20leave%20it%20on%20for%20as%20long%20as%20your%20symptoms%20last.%20If%20you%20are%20highly%20susceptible%20to%20motion%20sickness%2C%20apply%20EmeTerm%20one%20half%20hour%20before%20a%20motion%20sickness%20event.||” btn_label=””]You can use EmeTerm either before or after your nausea and vomiting symptoms start, and leave it on for as long as your symptoms last. If you are highly susceptible to motion sickness, apply EmeTerm one half hour before a motion sickness event.[/us_cta][us_cta title=”How can I be sure I’ve found the area for maximum stimulation?” title_tag=”h4″ color=”light” btn_label=””]1.After the device is turned on, adjust the positioning of the device on the wrist by moving it slightly up or down
2. This device has five gears for stimulation: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (gear 5 is the highest setting).
3.If you are unable to feel the tingling on one wrist, then try the band on the opposite wrist.[/us_cta][us_cta title=”On which wrist should I wear the device?” title_tag=”h4″ color=”light” btn_label=””]On the wrist that gives you the greatest tingling feeling at the lowest stimulation level.[/us_cta][us_cta title=”How do I turn off the device?” title_tag=”h4″ color=”light” btn_label=””]Press and hold down the Power Button for 3 seconds[/us_cta][us_cta title=”Is dry or sensitive skin a problem?” title_tag=”h4″ color=”light” btn_label=””]For dry skin, there is no problem..
If you have especially sensitive skin, switch wrists every 2-3 hours.[/us_cta][us_cta title=”How long can the battery last?” title_tag=”h4″ color=”light” btn_label=””]The battery can be charged for 2 hours at a time and can last about 7 hours.[/us_cta]