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Onset of effect varies across indivduals and is influenced by a variety of factors. Regular eletrical stimulation and consistent diet control would help users achieve a healthier lifestyle over time.

Users may feel their stomach tighten and that they are full, with reduced craving for food.

1. Use during regular meal intake.
2. Use while consuming high-caloric foods.
3. Use 3-6 times/day.

After one month, users would find it easier to control diet intake based on conditioned gastric reflex. After one year, a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet and exercise routine could be achieved.

The effectiveness of ObeEnd for weight loss through electrical stimulation is based on a large number of references and clinical trials.


Every person’s skin has different levels of sensitivity and tolerance. Recommended intensity is one that allows the user to adequately feel the stimulation, without causing any pain or discomfort (Please refer to 8. Electrical stimulation mode for details).

The best result comes from precise stimulation of PC6, as well as regular and consistent usage of the device.

ObeEnd is designed with IP65 water resistant grading. It can be used during handwashing and showering, but is not recommended to be used in swimming pools.

Please wear over the wrist that gives the highest sensation on the lowest electrical stimulation intensity. If your wrist has highly sensitive skin, please try to alternate between the two wrists.

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