EmeTerm Fashion Anti-Nausea Wristband

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EmeTerm is a clinically proven, safe and effective anti-nausea wristband that prevents and relieves nausea and vomiting induced by motion sickness (while in a car, a boat, or a plane) and morning sickness (during pregnancy).

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EmeTerm Anti-Nausea Wristband

EmeTerm is a safe alternative to relieve morning sickness for expectant mothers.

The device is activated when you feel the onset of nausea and vomiting and turned off when symptoms go away.

Enjoy your life without nausea and vomiting

The product is designed to meet the IP22 water resistance, making it completely dust-proof and water-resistant. The band is made with hypo-allergenic material and the device is equipped with specialized electrodes that maximize the electrical conductivity. EmeTerm is features magnetic charging and lasts up to seven hours.


Moring Sickness

Car Sickness


Amusement Park Rides

Sea Sickness

VR Dizziness

Air Sickness

Altitude Sickness

Train Sickness

  • Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms for many people while riding cars, boats, or airplanes, and for many women who are pregnant and experience morning sickness. Chemotherapy patients may also experience such symptoms as side effects of the treatment.
  • While many people take medicine to try to relieve these symptoms, some often choose to endure them because they do not want to experience the negative side effects of the medicine, which may be even worse than what it is meant to treat.
  • EmeTerm takes a whole new approach to prevent users from experiencing nausea and vomiting, and to help relieve users who are already experiencing them.

FDA Cleared

Success rate

With an 85% success rate according to our clinical trials, the EmeTerm Anti-nausea Wristband is the FDA-cleared, all-natural wearable solution for nausea and vomiting.


TENS Targeted Neuromodulation

Electrophysical Therapy

Quickly Effective

No Side Effects

100% Drug-Free

The EmeTerm Advantages

Patented Conduction Enhancement Electrodes

Increased contact area

Better conduction

No gel required

Rechargeable Magnetic Charging

Equipped with a magnetic USB charging cable that can be quickly charged anytime and anywhere conveniently.
Only one charge is required for short trips.


Nausea and vomiting are caused by transmission of a nausea signal to the stomach via the human brain, which causes the stomach to contrast irregularly, resulting in vomiting. By releasing a particular low-frequency pulse, EmeTerm can adjust the vagus nerve signals traveling to and from the stomach, and can prevent or postpone it from receiving nausea signals. This then slows down the irregular gastric contraction, and reduces the nauseous sensation for the users.

1. TENS consists of small unit, attached to the wrist via electrode pads, delivers signal through the median nerve at the location on the underside of the wrist.

2. These signals travel through the body’s nervous system to the part of the brain which controls nausea, which causes the stomach to contrast irregularly, resulting in vomiting.

3. By releasing a low-frequency pulse, it can adjust the vagus nerve signals traveling to and from the stomach, and can prevent or postpone the brain from transmitting nausea signals to the stomach, then reduces the nauseous sensation for the users.

EmeTerm Testimonials

EmeTerm — video operation introduction


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Black, Blue


TENS Targeted Neuromodulation


Effective relief of all forms of nausea& vomiting including morning sickness, sea sickness, car sickness, VR sickness, air sickness, altitude sickness, post-operative, vertigo, and chemotherapy.

Age Range

The EmeTerm device is indicated for the treatment of nausea and vomiting in patients 6 years of age or older.




IF Design 2017


Indications vary due to regulations.
Please check with customer service and local suppliers.





56 reviews for EmeTerm Fashion Anti-Nausea Wristband

  1. Dean

    I love offshore fishing but I had seasickness almost everytime and i have to take Bonine before departure. And when I shopping bonine on amazon it recommend EmeTerm to me so I bought it. I went to fishing yesterday and I wear it, and it really works. Nice design and fast shipping.

  2. Dean

    My husband bought this for me because I have Vertigo and we were hoping it would help so that I didn’t have to use medicine. IT WORKS GREAT, and I am so thankful!!!

  3. Dean

    Bought for my girlfriend who gets car sick often. A little hard to put on, but she is very happy with how well it works.

  4. Dean

    Treats motion sickness Very effective, great cure Good looking, fits well

  5. Dean

    It definitely works! I suffer from motion sickness & virtigo daily and it really effects my daily life. With this device on I literally feel relief. I have tried everything over the counter with no relief. Definitely worth the money. Thank you

  6. Dean

    We recently purchased an airplane so my husband can get his hours in. This means a lot of flying. I tend to get motion sick very easily. This wristband has helped me SO MUCH! It stays charged forever! I keep it in my purse at all times in case I’m in the car or plane. I definitely need to buy a few more to keep in the plane when we have guests who get nauseated.

  7. Dean

    I’ve struggled with motion sickness since I was a kid and it seems to be getting worse with age. Since we have a big family trip coming up overseas I decided to try this out. Wow — this has really exceeded my expectations! I will still take some Dramamine to help with the flight, but I feel confident in relying solely on this device for the rest of our outings while we’re there.

  8. Dean

    This wristband is a life changer. I am usually held back from fun on first day of cruise but this wristband prevented any motion sickness for the first time for me. I am also taking flying lessens and I usually have a little motions sickness when practicing the s maneuver which has many turns, but with this wristband, I felt no stomach unease at all.

  9. Dean

    I absolutely love this band! I often suffer from severe motion sickness and nausea attacks so I bought the blue EmeTerm. It comes in a nice box and with a charging cable, the device charges quickly. I’ve tested this in car rides, on the plane, on a seaplane, a ferry, watching videos and VR. In most of my cases I was able to avoid feeling any kind of motion sickness, with the exception of certain types of videos, VR games, as well as video games, which would contain high amounts of motion, even with the band on I experienced a mild case of nausea, but not severe like normal. The only thing I was concerned about is the wristband, I had a couple of incidents where it came undone while I was shopping, luckily I caught it in time. It’s so nice not having to rely solely on anti-nausea pills. Thank you EmeTerm!

  10. Dean

    I bought this device for my husband, who is a dialysis patient and had morning sickness constantly, as a side effect from dialysis treatments. Doctors prescribed him numerous medications, which made things worse, due to terrible side effects of these drugs. Until one day I came across this device. I gave it a try and it worked. No more sickness! Great device, has no side effects, easy to charge, charging to full in 15 minutes, and very elegant too. Also, I am very pleased with the company customer support, they are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!

  11. Dean

    I am a cancer patient and I’m dealing with bouts of nausea brought on by pain, radiation, chemo, medications, surgery, and just the cancer itself. This adorable little blue bracelet works wonders. In the 8 days I’ve been using it I have taken 4 pills for nausea….4….I usually take at least 3 a day (on a good day) and we won’t talk about the bad days. This came the day I had outpatient surgery, so I started using it then. I am so glad that I didn’t and haven’t vomited post-op, the absolute worst time to have to. All I can say is that it is working for me. And it gives me one less thing to worry about.

  12. Dean

    Over the past 15 years, I have tried everything to deal with motion sickness. Ginger capsules, candies and sea bands, almost everything. But never worked. I even tried medication but causes lethargy and a terrible sore throat. EmeTerm saved everything. It works great for me and causes some tiny amount of irritation on my wrist. My motion sickness has gone.

  13. Dean

    So far, this thing is terrific! I tend to experience motion sickness in the car, on amusement park rides and have nausea from migraines/vertigo. This device is inconspicuous and holds a charge as long as I have ever needed it. Seems to help somewhat with the migraine/vertigo nausea. The thing is GREAT for motion sickness in the car. It didn’t help much (at all?) when I ventured to ride a ridiculous virtual reality ride (because, seriously – what was I thinking?). I sure wish I’d had this when I was pregnant!! Easy to use, easy to charge. I was skeptical, but it is worth the money!

  14. Dean

    I ordered this product after reading about it in a local newpaper article. I do get motion sickness, but I was hoping it might help with the nausea I get with migraine episodes. Well I recently put it to the test and I must say, I was impressed that it actually seemed to stop my nausea within a very short time of putting on the device. It worked for me and may work for you too.

  15. Dean

    This is the best option I have found that isn’t drowsy medication. I usually spend car rides looking straight ahead and plane rides trying not to see anyone’s screen. With this band I have been able to use my phone in the car, even when pulling a trailer , and watch movies on airplanes. Highly recommended

  16. Dean

    I only developed motion sickness in my late 30s and as such wasn’t taking it seriously – like I could outwill it. But after hours of flight misery (I fly 3-4 times per month) and a flight attendant threatening to divert me I upgraded from the cheap Velcro bands to this desperate to find a solution but not sure I would. I have now worn it on 7 flights – some terribly bumpy- and success!! I’ve only used settings 1-3 luckily not had to go higher so I believe if I hit a worse flight I still have room to go stronger. The pulsing is comforting and I’ve fallen asleep wearing it no problem. Battery life is good approx 15 hours use between charges

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