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Symptoms:Motion sickness caused by car sickness

Location: United States

More competitive anti-nausea wristband

Location: United States

Symptoms:Chemotherapy induced nausea vomiting (CINV)

Location: United Kingdom

"Firstly this thing actually works!!! And let me tell you why, So after getting cancer for the second time at 32, my biggest fear was the chemotherapy, the smallest mention of it sent chills down my spine, and why? Because of the sickness. It was a constant feeling, and it wasn’t until day 7 that would I start to feel better, slowly, knowing I had to do it again a week later. So when I was told that I would have to go through it all again for 6 months. I was so scared, well, petrified. And sure enough the first course of the new chemo hit me like a ton of bricks, and to top it off I was even more sick, and for longer this time. So, desperate, I looked online for something to help, I put into Amazon “anti sickness” and this came up, and thank God I did, and I thought “hey, it’s worth a try”, also knowing I could probably return it if it didn’t work. So there I was at my 2nd course of chemo, with this band on my wrist and……..nothing, 6hrs later my 2nd course of chemo had completed, and……nothing, I got back, and later that night…….nothing……no sickness, no dizzy feeling. One word: AMAZING!!!!! Honestly this thing has actually made my cancer bearable, and if the person who made this, ever reads this, I would just like to say thank you, sincerely and with all my heart, thank you! "
Rob From Amazon Review—— Chemotherapy patients

Amazing wristband effectively fights vertigo in VR games

Name:Lila P Davis
Location: United States

Symptoms:Motion sickness caused by Sea sickness

Location: United States

"I like sailing and fishing. On the sea, I felt the immensity of the sea, and I felt free. But sometimes I suffer seasickness, and sometimes I feel to vomit. I can’t enjoy my journey as much as other seafaring people. One day, a fellow fisherman, told me about a new product for seasickness. I also bought one, it is worn on the wrist. When used, it will continue to emit weak electrical stimulation. When I’m on my ship again, I can enjoy sailing as much as anyone else, and it feels great. "

EmeTerm anti-nausea wristband unboxing

Location: United States

Symptoms:Motion sickness caused by VR vertigo

Location: United States

Effectively relieve motion sickness caused by car sickness

Location: Mexico

"Today I would like to recommend a great bracelet that will help me get through car sickness. When I have to stay long time in a car or bus, and wear EmeTerm, I have no problems with sickenss. I have to say, it really helped me. I usually use the third level of electrical stimulation, which gives me a comfortable feeling. Thanks for the bracelet, I will recommend it to my friends. It’s really an amazing device."

Purpose:help friends to relieve morning sickness

Location: United States

"I have a very good friend who has been pregnant for three months and has had a particularly severe morning sickness. It made me very worried.I thought I should have helped her. Firstly, I thought to buy her some medicines, I went to the drugstore to look for it, but the staff told me that the medicine would bring more serious side effects than morning sickness, and it could also hurt the baby. Knowing this, I gave up the choice of drugs. By chance I saw this EmeTerm on Amazon, I noticed that this is not a drug based therapy, and mostly there are no side effects for the baby, too good. I bought it, and sent it to my friend. I was excited, so I write this testimonial, to tell new mothers: if you are suffering from morning sickness, try use an EmeTerm."

Helpful for vomiting and dizziness

Name:James White
Location: United States