WAT Medical Joins the Amazon Accelerator Program

While the Amazon Accelerator Program is not new, not many companies are familiar with what it is or how it works. Basically, the Accelerator Program allows startup businesses to grow rapidly by providing them with valuable information sources, investment and networking opportunities with other businesses, and access to niche markets.

On Amazon, the Accelerator Program is more like a franchise opportunity than a business boost. It is a chance for Amazon to collect more brands and manufacturers to fill in the gaps in their private label business. Amazon already has an impressive collection of over 125 private label brands, and it is growing rapidly with sights set on 17 product categories. Individual brand and sales also have high growth potential, thanks to cheaper prices than comparable products.

Brands that join the Accelerator Program receive a wide range of perks, including:

–Immediate access to metrics tools (basic analysis, no access to coveted customer data insights)

–A testing ground for new private label products to get quick customer feedback

–Free premium product page and homepage placement on sales days, and additional placements for products with high ratings and reviews

–Social media and email marketing executed by Amazon merchandising

–Free Amazon Vine reviews (normally $2500 per product for Amazon vendors)

–Amazon Web Services credits for brand websites

–Access to a Thinkspace coworking office in Seattle

–Participation with other brands in special projects like co-branded pop-up retail stores

The free marketing to Amazon’s wide, purchase-ready audience is a very attractive offer that can work for products that are more affordable to produce. Startups can also certainly take advantage of Thinkspace mentors, not to mention nice office space.

WAT Medical’s EmeTerm has been widely recognized and supported by consumers since it entered Amazon in 2017. EmeTerm was invited to join the Amazon Accelerator Program in 2019 and become Amazon’s Choice brand in Canada. With the Accelerator Program, backed by Amazon’s marketing, logistics and other advantages, WAT Medical will certainly continue to promote the rapid development of EmeTerm, writing a new chapter in its innovative medical technologies development.


Reference link: https://amzadvisers.com/amazon-accelerator-program/

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