FluOver Smart Anti Epidemic Wristband


“Early Flu Warning Wristband”

Helps to Prevent Respiratory Infectious Diseases

Targeted Respiratory Tract Defense Enhancement


6 reviews for FluOver Smart Anti Epidemic Wristband

  1. Connor

    Highly recommend this!

  2. Carlton Bocchi

    Fluover is really a Amazing bracelet. It accurately warned of a recent early flu. The APP accurately records my information and provides valuable data.

  3. Kate Parker

    This bracelet worked for me, and it warned me of possible cold and sore throat and fever in the future.

  4. Winifred Gaston

    I bought one for my grandfather as a gift, and it is highly praised by my grandfather. I would recommend it to more people.

  5. Susie Jane

    The Fluover wristband is very accurate in warning. After a period of use, I found that my physique has been strengthened.

  6. Beth

    This wristband really works.

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