Health Canada Cleared EmeTerm Anti-Nausea Wristband and HeadaTerm Anti-Migraine Head Patch

Shortly after WAT Medical’s leading product to treat nausea-induced vomiting, EmeTerm, received its FDA clearance earlier in April, it has now also received official clearance from Health Canada. Health Canada ensures all of its certified medical products are of the highest quality and are able to provide the best care for patients to improve their lives. WAT Medical has reached the long-awaited milestone, and is thrilled to introduce its innovative technology to Canada. The product is effective for a wide range of treatments, including all types of motion sickness induced by travelling and morning sickness. EmeTerm allows its users to be free from medication side effects like dizziness, drowsiness and thickened lung secretions.

EmeTerm’s technology is called neuromodulation, which is Health Canada cleared and clinically proven. The electric current is sent by the peripheral nervous system via P6 acupuncture point on the underside of the wrist. The electric pulses are delivered to their targets in the brain and precisely block the emesis signals from brain to stomach. EmeTerm are currently used by consumers in over 20 counties worldwide, including all of Europe, United States, and Australia.

EmeTerm is the winner of 2017 iF Design Award for its innovative design and usability. The patented electrodes design enhances the transfer of electric pulses from device to skin. No conduct gel is needed, which increases convenience and affordability to consumers.

WAT Medical’s anti-migraine device, HeadaTerm, also received Health Canada clearance, and is going to enter the Canadian market along with EmeTerm. HeadaTerm also uses neuromodulation by sending precise electric impulse to targeted area in the brain responsible for endorphin release. HeadaTerm reduces migraine pain within minutes after it occurs, and also works as an effective preventative measure by reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine episodes.

Unlike any anti-migraine technology before it, HeadaTerm is a disposable device at an affordable price. Its small and lightweight design allow it to be extremely portable, offering consumers fast and convenient migraine treatment.

WAT Medical will be attending FIME 2018, Florida International Medical Expo, the largest medical trade fair across America, on July 17-19 (Booth No.: BQ 85). Both EmeTerm and HeadaTerm will be featured.

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