Finland Company Terveystekniikka Oy to Participate in I love me 2018 Health Expo with WAT Med’s Signature Medical Devices

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ –Terveystekniikka Oy, a strategic partner of WAT Medical Enterprise Ltd. (WAT Med), will participate in “I love me 2018”, the biggest health expo of Finland held from October 19-21, 2018. HeadaTerm and EmeTerm, signature medical devices developed by WAT Med, will be promoted during the expo.

As import agents of medical devices in Finland, Terveystekniikka Oy has more than 10 years of experience distributing medical devices and TENS-related products in Finland. Soon after EmeTerm and HeadaTerm were imported into the European market, they attracted the attention of Sanna Selenius, founding partner of Terveystekniikka Oy, who kept close contact with WAT Med, and recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It is not the first time for Terveystekniikka Oy to participate in exhibitions with HeadaTerm and EmeTerm. The cumulation of previous collaborations and the positive market feedback gave them both confidence and joy. Sanna said, “Our choice is correct. These two products can always bring us unexpected surprises and a sense of pride.”

I love me, the largest international health expo in Finland, is held at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre in October every year, mostly consists of medical devices, health and personal care treatments, beauty products, and more. International guests and industry professionals from around the world will gather here. As one of the exhibitors, Terveystekniikka Oy (Booth No.6K21) has been thoroughly involved in marketing and brand-building tasks before the expo. Terveystekniikka Oy has published HeadaTerm on the magazine Optio, providing a chance for more people to become familiar with the innovative medical device.

WAT Med’s series of products, based on the External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS), release precise bio-electricity signals. EmeTerm, the anti-emetic device, can quickly relieve car sickness, sea sickness, morning sickness and drug-induced vomiting after surgical operation or chemotherapy. HeadaTerm is a disposable head patch that can be used to prevent and to treat primary headaches and insomnia. These two products have incomparable advantages on innovation, safety and effectiveness, providing drug-free solutions for end users.

HeadaTerm has gained extremely positive feedback in the Finland market.

Sanna shared excitedly: “Tomi Varho, a HeadaTerm user, is quite satisfied with this device and said, ‘I have been suffering from recurrent migraine since I was a teenager. I have asked for help from many specialists in the past. Now I have used HeadaTerm every day for three weeks with great results. For me, this device can replace the expensive drugs, because the price of one piece of HeadaTerm is equal to that of three migraine drugs.'”

WAT Med welcomes all partners to explore the global market, and together, supply innovative self-care medical devices for users worldwide.


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