EmeTerm Enters Walmart and Best Buy with New Technology

VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EmeTerm, the anti-nausea wristband developed by WAT Medical Enterprise, Ltd., received its FDA clearance in 2018 as a medical device that manages nausea-induced vomiting. In December 2022, EmeTerm expanded into the retail market by introducing their new product – EmeTerm Explore in Walmart and Best Buy Canada.

EmeTerm Enters Walmart and Best Buy with New Technology
EmeTerm Enters Walmart and Best Buy with New Technology

With outdoor activities becoming more common than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling in vehicles is making a return around the world. However, almost one in five people (18%) suffer from car sickness. Over a third of drivers (37%) report that they often take breaks due to a passenger feeling unwell in the car, and many choose to abandon their trips or even avoid them altogether.

EmeTerm uses neuromodulation, a clinically proven technique to alter the electrical signals within the body. The electric current is sent via the P6 acupuncture point under the wrist. The advantage of neuromodulation in anti-nausea and vomiting is its rapid onset of treatment with zero medically-induced side effects.

EmeTerm Explore comes with natural medical silicon rubber to reduce carbon footprint and prevents allergic reaction. The new design features enhanced device-to-skin electric pulse conduction, making conduction gel unnecessary. This makes the device more affordable and more convenient for day-to-day activities.

Walmart and Best Buy are among the biggest leaders in consumer electronics. This marks the beginning of EmeTerm making its debut and expansion into the global marketplace.



SOURCE WAT Medical Enterprise Ltd.

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