EmeTerm, by WAT Medical, an easy solution for Cyber Sickness

WAT Medical Enterprise Ltd. conducted an investigation on solutions to cyber sickness (a form of nausea-induced vomiting). WAT Medical’s team has achieved positive results with the use of EmeTerm. Based on a large  number of experimental tests, the product team shows that EmeTerm could offer relief for the symptoms of cyber sickness.

As countless schools across the United States, Canada and Europe have closed, they have launched online classes. Many companies are also holding online meetings during this period to continue their operations.

The unprecedented amount of online learning and work can also cause problems for some. Students and employees often communicate online via mobile phones, iPads, and computers, which can lead to nausea and even vomiting after extensive screen time, this phenomenon is called cyber sickness.

Cyber sickness is similar to motion sickness. The principle is the same as VR Sickness, resulting from a conflict between vision and proprioception. The eyes move frequently to track objects on the screen, but the cochlea does not sense any motion. The contradicting sensory signals stimulate the body’s nausea and vomiting reaction.

EmeTerm antiemetic device developed by WAT Medical is specially designed to relieve various nausea and vomiting problems, including cyber sickness.

EmeTerm has obtained medical device certification from the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel and the European Union. EmeTerm uses a targeted nerve regulation mechanism to release accurate electrical pulse signals to the median nerve. It relieves vomiting during motion sickness (while riding a car, train, plane, etc.), chemotherapy, post-operation, and pregnancy. The product is free from side effects such as drowsiness, tremor and many others caused by drugs. It can be used repeatedly, has a high waterproof grade, and a battery life of up to 9 hours of continuous usage. Consumer satisfaction has reached 92%.

If you or your children are troubled by nausea and vomiting caused by online meetings and online courses, please purchase EmeTerm at the Amazon store or EmeTerm official store(www.emeterm.com).

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